Gold medals and a prestigious award for the Bakery Ključ, a participant in the Digitalization Path project.

Gold medals and a prestigious award for the Bakery Ključ, a participant in the Digitalization Path project.

At the recently held 88th Novi Sad Fair, Bakery Ključ, one of the participants in the Digitalization Path project, won two gold medals as well as the prestigious Dr. Rozika Vukobratović award. In a strong competition of 19 manufacturers and 71 products, Pekara Ključ has shown that their combination of tradition and love gives serious results.


The prestigious recognition of Dr. Rozika Vukobratović is awarded for the improvement of technological processes created as a result of the application of modern scientific and professional achievements, and it is not surprising that it went into the hands of the owner of Bakery Ključ, because this small family company from Belgrade has been acively working on innovating its products.

Sincerely committed to maintaining quality at the highest level and primarily ensuring the satisfaction of its customers, this company also invests  in the improvement and digitalization of its business.


Their desire to work and acquire new knowledge and skills brought them to our project, where they successfully prepared a Digital Transformation Strategy with consultant and then financed one of the solutions that will help them accelerate their operational activities.

As participants in many projects and initiatives, this company stands out not only for its commitment but also for its courage and discipline, but also for its intention to create exclusively handmade, natural products without additives, preservatives and artificial additives.


“What we want in the future is to listen to the needs of our customers and be able to offer many innovative products created as a combination of science, practice and the highest quality raw materials. Our goals is  maintaining high quality, but also to pass on our experience and knowledge to our future generations”, say the owners of the   Ključ Bakery, and we conclude that they really have a recipe for success.


You can find out more about the Ključ Bakery on their website, while more information about the Digitization Path project can be found here.