About ICT Net

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ICT Network is an association of companies, individuals, academic and research institutions devoted to the development of ICT sector in Serbia. It was established in 2010 by the merger of two former cluster initiatives, Serbian Software Cluster and Embedded.rs.

As a unique information hub, ICT Network today provides its members with access to relevant and up-to-date information from ICT industry, thus enabling them to boost their competitiveness and grow. As an open organization, it offers its members equality of opportunities and a transparent framework for efficient fulfillment of their interests.

One of Cluster’s main objectives is to encourage its members to suggest their own initiatives or projects which can be realized either through Cluster’s extensive network of strategic partnerships or in cooperation with other member companies. It provides its members with a variety of opportunities helping them to build greater visibility while keeping their business operations cost and time effective.

Currently, Cluster is focused on obtaining easier access to public and EU funds for its members, giving them possibility of internationalization of their business operations and actively supporting their innovative and enterprising initiatives and projects.

Cluster is proud member of numerous national and international networks.

To ensure an efficient and transparent framework for the expression and realization of interests of the cluster member companies
To become a unique hub for exchange of all the information of significance for the ICT sector of Serbia
  • Operational support to members in implementation of development projects through help in formulation of projects, finding of sources of financing, monitoring of realization and project accounting
  • Promotion of Serbia in international public as a powerful destination for industry of information and communications technologies
  • Attraction of investments from private and public sector
  • Encouraging of cooperation and contacts between industry of information and communications technologies, state institutions and other key organizations in the country and abroad for the purpose of creation of environment, which is friendly to industry of information and communications technologies
  • Creation of business climate in Serbia, which is developing trust and encouraging exchange of information between various factors in the industry of information and communications technologies in country
  • Encouraging cooperation between local companies and professionals and experts in the field of interest for the purpose of building of industrial capacities, improvement of abilities and expert knowledge in all areas, which are necessary for a successful and high-quality functioning of industry of information and communications technologies.