Serbian center of innovation excellence

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Project Description


Serbian Center of Innovation Excellence is a joint project of Vojvodina ICT Cluster, Inno Focus and ICT NET, supported by RCI, aiming at establishment of a national center within information and communication technologies which will engage into initiatives for advancement and development businesses and workforce in accordance with current and future needs of this industry.

The center will serve as a unique point of access of business community, ICT industry, labor market and education system throughout Serbia, all with the goal of creation of highly skilled and available workforce, existence of which is essential for successful development of ICT in Serbia.

Furthermore, SCIE will contribute to a more successful implementation of innovation next practices that support stakeholders’ goals, bringing uniformity and best practice into innovations in all domains of different organizations.

Goals of SCIE are to:

  • Collect critical information and resources for ideas, innovation and creative problem solving;
  • Serve as a centralized clearinghouse for processes, methods, approaches and models for utilizing the information and data collected;
  • Build and maintain an educated resource pool through training and hands-on experience;
  • Provide internal consulting, coordination, mentoring and coaching;
  • Act as the liaison and representative for the organization among industry, institutional and organizational peers, and thus
  • Serve as a recognized leader in the field of innovation management

Creation of Serbian Center of Innovation Excellence is considered as a first step in the process of improving business and general environment toward supported development and advancement of innovative ideas, processes and organizations.