City of Future

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Project Description

City of Future – project has started on 01.09.2020.

Project dutarion: 24 month


Clusters for the City of the Future (C2Future) general objective is creating and sustaining European Strategic Cluster Partnership in the field of Smart Cities, fostering the international collaboration among 6 clusters in ICT, mobility, building and construction and environmental technologies.

Clusters from the following countries are participating in the project: Bulgaria, greece, Serbia, Italy and Spain.


C2Future will raise new value chain targeting third countries markets such as: USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Algeria and exploit already established contacts in these countries.


The C2Future’s specific objectives are:

  • to create a favorable framework and new value chain for setting up a strong and sustainable C2Future strategic crosscluster partnership across Europe in the field of Smart Cities;
  • to foster mutual knowledge, trans-regional and cross – sectorial cooperation and partnership building among C2Future clusters and SMEs members
  • Favor the internationalization of SMEs members and cluster partners by development of C2Future long-term agenda for internationalization toward third countries market beyond Europe.
  • To promote the C2Future cluster partnership and its activities on national, regional and European level