The launch of the C2Future project meeting. COSME program 2020-2022

The launch of the C2Future project meeting. COSME program 2020-2022

We present a two-year project Clusters for the City of the Future (C2Future).

The overall goal of the project is to create and maintain a European Strategic Cluster Partnership in the field of smart cities in order to increase the competitiveness of SMEs through innovation and development of new products and services with higher added value in order to place on third country markets. A special goal is to encourage international cooperation between 6 clusters in the following areas: ICT, mobility, construction and environmental technologies.

The project will help SMEs to establish international and cross-sectoral contacts by creating a common internationalization strategy, taking into account different business models in different industrial sectors in the areas of smart cities.

It is planned to establish a new value chain through this project, focused on the markets of third countries such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia and Algeria, using the already established contacts in those countries.

The ICT network will lead the work package Building a European Partnership for a Strategic Cluster.
The main goal of this work package is to create, operate and maintain an effective partnership of clusters involved in C2Future by defining a common identity, maintaining interregional cooperation between clusters and their SMEs, developing joint promotional activities and identifying new potential strategic partners across Europe.

The project is funded with 200,000 euros from the European program COSME, and the consortium consists of:

Digital Transformation and Innovation Cluster (DTI); Bulgaria
Acclima, Hotel Spain
ICT Net, Serbia
GreenHome; Italy
HAMAC; Greece
Lombard mobility cluster; Italy

About the COSME program

COSME is a European Union program that helps entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises to start working, access financing and internationalization, create a favorable business environment for the development of competitiveness and encourage economic growth in the European Union by encouraging an entrepreneurial culture.