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Introduction to Kanban Training

Training with Miloš Zeković

25 November 2019, Belgrade

Language: English, Serbian

Introduction to Kanban is the entry-level training designed to introduce Agile practitioner with Kanban board concepts and visualization tactics that help for better project management. Kanban is getting a wide-scale popularity in Agile organizations because of its unmatched values, principles, and benefits. It helps Agile organizations to find out what their bottleneck is, avoiding limiting work in progress, and maximizing efficiency or workflow.

How you will learn about Kanban?

With Kanban you will be introduced by Miloš Zeković, trainer with more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry and proven experience in Scrum team coaching. With his interactive coaching style and through lot of practical examples and games, he will guide you through Kanban in theory and practice, it’s values and principles and most of all its purpose, as a solution for you whether to optimize process for production and development or enabling you to have shorter time to deliver  with higher quality.

What are benefits for the attendees?

After the training attendees will be well introduced with Kanban values, as a tools and techniques to support them in achieving transparency, balance, flow and collaboration. You will know key difference between Kanban Method, Kanban System and Kanban Board and learn to setup initial Kanban Board and process. Attendees will also become members of the Agile Serbia & CEE Region.

Who should attend this training?

This is an introductory training, with plenty of benefits for those who are new to Lean or Agile, or curious about Kanban. It will have a lot of benefits if you are Scrum Master, Product Owner, Team Lead, manager, or a team member. Even if you want to start with Kanban, or to understand Kanban principles and mechanisms better, this training will be the best starting point.

Kanban originates from Toyota as a strongly visual method that smoothens and optimize the flow of work, incremental and evolutionary change. It uses signals, cards and boards to trigger reaction and learning in the system.

Today, Kanban is used extensively with Agile and Lean thinking organizations, such as Spotify, Pixar, Zara and others, and is one of the most popular frameworks next to Scrum.



Date: 25th November 2019.

Duration: 1 working day, 9-17h

Language: English, Serbian

Certification: No

SEU points: 8 SEU points, category B

Scrum Trainer: Miloš Zeković

Regular price: 245 € + VAT

Training Details: http://www.agile-serbia.rs/course/introduction-to-kanban-training/

E-mail registration: scrum@puzzlesoftware.rs