“C2Future Final Conference”

“C2Future Final Conference”

We are happy to announce the “C2Future Final Conference”, the last in a series of events within the project “Clusters for the City of the Future (C2Future)”.

The conference will aim at:

  • facilitating the enlargement of the partnership and value chain to other European clusters and third countries clusters and their SMEs
  • promoting the C2Future ESCP, the internationalization strategy and roadmap for internationalization
  • promoting Smart Cities concept
  • attracting new partners and clients of the partnership
  • sharing good practices and know – how in the field of facilitation internationalization

The event will be attended by companies working in the field of mobility, ICT, environmental technologies, construction and smart building, clusters, incubators, policy makers, accelerators, representatives of local authorities and European organizations, research and technologies organizations, universities, representatives of other strategic cluster partnerships, representatives of organizations from the targeted third countries.

During the event four new clusters will be officially accepted as members of C2Future partnership and you will be able to:

  • Learn more about C2Future project and planned activities.
  • Learn about opportunities for cooperation between institutional entities and companies.
  • Hear some of the best-in-class entities about internationalization.
  • Hear some of the best practice examples from SMEs.
  • Meet companies from 6 clusters coming from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece.
  • Meet companies and clusters from Europe and from the targeted countries.


Participation is free of charge but conditioned by registration (please select “Phisycally” or “ON-LINE” in the registration form): https://forms.gle/6gEaZwb7excyCDfT6

The official language is English. Event will be registered and available also on-line. Duration of the Webinar: from 10.00 to 13.00CET and from 14.00 to 18.00CET on June the 29th 2022.

Agenda is available to download here.


About C2Future project

Clusters for the City of the Future (C2Future) is a project Co-funded by the COSME program of the EU.  General objective is creating and sustaining European Strategic Cluster Partnership in the field of Smart Cities, fostering the international collaboration among 6 clusters in ICT, mobility, building and construction and environmental technologies.

C2Future will raise new value chain targeting third countries markets USA, Mexico and Colombia and exploit already established contacts in these countries.

The project will also support the SMEs to internationalize their markets by creating joint internationalization strategy and internationalization roadmap.

Through numerous activities, project will do the identification of strategic partners across Europe to join C2Future Partnership. Based on complementarity, compatibility, skills and interest additional number of clusters will be invited to formally join the partnership of this project.

For more detailed information about project and opportunities for SMEs and Clusters, please visit following link: https://www.c2future.net/