5th Agile Month in Serbia is November 2017!

5th Agile Month in Serbia is November 2017!

For everyone who wishes to improve their knowledge, processes, business results and to become agile, the next opportunity is right behind the corner – 5th Agile Month!

Agile Month is the series of educational events dedicated to Agile Software Developmet. The next, 5th Agile Month will be organized in November and on the schedule are certified Scrum courses for the roles Scrum Master and Product Owner, Certified Agile Leadership course, and an advanced training Scrum Master Practices and Techniques.

Scrum Master is one of the roles an individual has in implementation of the Scrum framework (the most frequently used Agile framework in the world), in the software development process. The Scrum Master ensures that processes are carried out in accordance with Scrum’s principles and values. It provides optimal conditions for working in a development team, and removes obastacles in work. Product Owner is another very important role in Scrum. The PO is responsible for maximizing the value of products, and the work of the development team. Their activities should contribute to customer satisfaction and business success.

On the advanced Scrum Master Practice and Techniques training, you will learn how to recognize Scrum anti patterns and certain pitfalls, that one should avoid when implementing Scrum. It will address the most common challenges during a daily stand-up and other Scrum meetings and the key to making them more efficient; then, how to maintain relations with all stakeholders, and how to deal with early requirements to define the exact scope of the development team’s activities. You will also learn to estimate the right amount of items in the Product Backlog, as well as how to prevent the challenges of delivering certain parts of the product on time.

During the period of rapid changes on the global market, caused by technical innovations, it is very important to develop leadership in organizations – to develop leadership skills in individuals and incorporate them into organizational culture. Therefore, during this Agile Month, a particularly interesting certification course is dedicated exactly to Agile Leadership. Participants of the Certified Agile Leadership course will learn how to maximize their leadership capabilities, and what is effective leadership in an agile environment. Experienced coaches, Olaf Lewitz and Christine Neidhardt, will be presenting during this course a number of factors that influence the organizational culture. Their goal will be to further explain the characteristics of top performing teams, and how to direct your own development, how to develop your team and the whole organization.

Agile Month is organized by Puzzle Software, member of ICT Net. All the participants of the certified courses will obtain prestigious, internationally recognised certificates issued by the Scrum Alliance (umbrella organization for Scrum framework in the world). Early bird registrations are in progress – for more information visit http://www.agile-serbia.rs/agile-month-november-2017.

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