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CAL certification by the Scrum Alliance with Olaf Lewitz November

Fewer buzzwords. Fewer models, frameworks, “solutions”. Just leadership.

“Agile” is promising resilience, effectiveness and speed for your business. That requires distributed authority, a learning culture, engagement on all levels. How do we achieve all that? Just tell everyone how to work differently? The current culture of your organization is the result and outcome of your leadership. That new, “agile” organization you are looking for… what kind of leadership is going to be creating it?

Agile leadership is making a difference with intention. We focus on developing relationshipsmanaging contexts and nurturing growth. In times of social distancing and working from home, all of these became harder and more important at the same time. All of the exercises of our training have been used remotely in the wild, now we are building the whole training from our and for our homes.

In a world where everything changes, the only thing that you can rely on is building strong relationship with people you work with.

On the Certified Agile Leadership Course (Essential/Teams),  you will learn how to build these relations successfully and how to improve your leadership skills. Together with Scrum Alliancewe provide opportunity for all successful leaders to become Certified Agile Leader(s) and upgrade their leadership.